Annual Beatle Trivia Questions

Annual Beatle Trivia Question

All true Beatles fans spent Thanksgiving weekend glued to the TV watching The Beatles Get Back. Let’s see how well you watched. $3 off of tax prep bill for each correct answer. No googling!

1. Which Beatle left the band for a few days during the filming of Get Back?

a. John

b. Paul

c. George

d. Ringo

2. What song played during the closing credits of Part 1?

a. I’ve Got a Feeling

b. Isn’t It a Pity

c. She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

d. Don’t Let Me Down

3. What American keyboardist assisted the Beatles during the recordings?

a. Billy Joel

b. Little Richard

c. Stevie Wonder

d. Billy Preston

4. Who was the young child running around the studio during the recordings?

a. Julian Lennon

b. Heather Eastman

c. Yoko Ono

d. Beatrice McCartney

5. Where was the unique location of the Beatles’ final live performance?

a. Main ballroom on Queen Elizabeth II

b. Downton Abbey

c. Strawberry Fields

d. Rooftop of Apple Corps building