Annual Beatle Trivia Question

Annual Beatle Trivia Question

October 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of the release of the final album recorded together as the Beatles, Abbey Road. Wow! And the album is still a top seller. This year’s trivia questions will pertain to Abbey Road. $2 off of tax prep fee for each correct answer. No googling!

What is the significance of the name Abbey Road?

Who plays lead guitar on “The End”?

Which of Paul’s songs on Abbey Road did John refer to as “granny music”?

Who was the classical composer who inspired John’s song “Because”? What was the classical piece?

Which Beatles album was actually recorded before Abbey Road but released afterwards?

The following questions pertain to the “Paul is dead” rumor:

What is the significance of the Volkswagen’s license plate?

What is the significance of Paul holding a cigarette in his right hand?

All four Beatles are uniquely dressed. What do each one represent?

What is the significance of Paul being barefoot?

What is odd about the walking pattern through the crosswalk?