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Upcoming Tax Deadlines

Jan 15:   Last estimated tax installment due for 2021 taxes.

Jan 31:    2021 Q4 Form 941 due to the IRS. 2021 Q4 wage reporting due to state reporting agencies.

2021 Form 940 due to the IRS. 2021 W2 Copy B due to employee.

2021 W2 Copy A and W3 due to the Social Security Administration.

2021 1099 Copy B due to recipient.

2021 1099 Copy A and 1096 due to the IRS.

Mar 15:   Form 1120S for calendar year S Corporations due to the IRS. Form 1065 for calendar year partnerships due to the IRS.

Apr 15:   Form 1040 due to the IRS. First estimated payment for 2022 due to the IRS.

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